Terms and Conditions 


We would request our web visitors, customers, and everyone who is using our website, https://fairloansfoundation.com.au/, to read the terms and conditions listed down on this page. As the acceptance of these terms and conditions is requisite in order to continue using the site. 

What Fair Loans Foundation Is Not!

Fair Loans Foundation (https://fairloansfoundation.com.au/) is only a platform that connects borrowers, people who need loans to lenders or financial agencies who offer loans. Please, bear in mind, that we are not the lenders. We are not the money lending agency. But, yes, we are the finance brokers. We are primarily the connecting link between people who need a loan and the people who can lend. And of course, make the process simple for the buyers with our verified lenders. 

You accept that the amount that is available to borrow on our site, the term of repayment or the rates that are present on the website (https://fairloansfoundation.com.au/) change with the amount of loan or loans and it is entirely an example for you to check and apply for the correct amount of loans online. 

We can’t guarantee what the finance provider or the lenders may offer, nor do we say that you will receive exactly the same amount that you want from the lender or the finance provider through our site. Any amount of loan present on the site should not be taken as a guarantee and certainly, there is no warranty of any kind, applicable that loan amount present on the site. 

You accept that we do not provide the loans and we do not have any control over the loan rates or loan examples of the products on the site, as these will be released by our lenders and finance agencies who would like to get connected to the borrowers through us. 

You also accept that it is at the sole discretion of the lender or the finance agency to offer or not to offer the payday loan or the amount that you want to borrow. And there is no interference of Fair Loans Foundation (https://fairloansfoundation.com.au/) in any way, to convince the lender or the financing agency to issue the loan to the borrower. 

You accept that the Fair Loans Foundation doesn’t undertake the process of the assessment of your application (borrower application) and it is assessed only by the lenders. And that the lenders will have the right to issue the loans or not issue the loan based on the credit history, (present or past). 

Background check 

You accept that we, at Fair Loans Foundation, do not perform any background check on the profiles submitted on the site by the borrowers. 

The lenders and financing agencies take this as their responsibility to check the profiles, gather relevant data and issue the loan or do not issue the loan based on the results of the background/reference check. 

Therefore, we always recommend that the borrowers should provide only the right and the most relevant information and nothing else so as to get the loan process streamlined and receive the loans from the lenders. however, it should also be mentioned that any kind of information that is not accurate, or misleading or intended to mislead may result in an investigation of criminal procedures. 

You accept that you do not allow any third-party to access your account on our site. However, in case of a joint application for a loan, a third-party, who will be acting with approval from the client will be considered a client only and the communication that the account the holder receives will be meant for both the third-party and the client. 

And yes, we make use of the information of our clients in the most ethical way, please, read our privacy policy to more about it. 

Communication Channels 

Customers may receive SMS, phone calls, emails, a post to their postal address given in the information from Fair Loans Foundation in order to help the customers understand more about the offers, packages offered by the lenders on the site. However, if you do not want us to contact you for it, you will not receive such information from us. Only upon confirmation form your end, we communicate with you as per your preferred means of communication. 

Loan Agreement Information

At any point in time, customers have the right to ask for the information they need on the Regulated Credit Agreement or any loan agreement, processed, or in process, or that is being completed. You can reach our support team at (email id)


We always make sure that our site is up and running 24/7, 365/66 days, with no error or flaw of any kind, however, we should not be held liable for its being slow in performance or not being available any time, in case this happens. We make use of the latest technology to make it accessible for all our users but still, we do not take the guarantee of it that there will be no downtime or errors. 

And that we should not be held liable for any loss due to our site being down or error-prone because of the technical glitches or server issues or any other issues whatsoever. 

Amendments to our terms and conditions 

We may continually revise the terms and conditions present on the site and we are requested all our customers or clients to review the new terms and conditions. Acceptance of the new terms and conditions is also necessary in order to continue the use of our site. 

And please, a note of it that the changes are not usually without issuing any kind of notification. So, refer to this page from time to time. That is recommended. 

Restricted access    

Registered customers and visitors will both face restricted access to our website or a selected few areas from time to time. Customers are also requested to keep their unique codes/names completely safe and do not disclose to any unknown or third party liaison under any circumstances for security reasons. If at all, we notice a breach of the conditions mentioned above, we will disable your unique code/username and deem your account inactive.

Intellectual property Right 

Fair Loans Foundation website content is protected under the copyright laws of United Kingdom. Customers are advised to only use the information presented on the website for informational purposes and do not replicate the content for their personal uses. Any form of electronic or print publication will not be tolerated without prior written consent from Fair Loans Foundation. 

Furthermore, any material on the website including the content, the logo and the images are purely just for information and not for advice. If customers face any liability, risk or loss by visiting our site or promoting the sites content to anyone verbally or written or printed, Fair Loans Foundation is not to be held liable/responsible. Kindly treat the reading material on the website as information only and not advice.

The website links of any third party or any information endorsements of third party sites is purely for information purpose only. If the customer faces any loss, risk or damage then we, Fair Loans Foundation do not accept any responsibility on their behalf. 


Customer and visitors to our website are advised against the direct use or in direct use of our website content for any purpose. Fair Loans Foundation should not be held liable if the user faces any of income or revenue, loss of business, loss of profits, or contracts, loss of anticipated savings, loss of data, loss of goodwill, wasted management or office time, and for any other loss or damage of any kind, however arising and whether caused by tort (including negligence) breach of contract or otherwise, even if foreseeable, provided that this condition shall not prevent claims for loss of or damage to your tangible property or any other claims for direct financial loss that are not excluded by any of the categories set out above.

This does not affect our liability for death or personal injury arising from our negligence, nor our liability for fraudulent misrepresentation or misrepresentation as to a fundamental matter, nor any other liability which cannot be excluded or limited under applicable law.

Exclusions: We are bound to honor the terms and conditions of agreement only towards our customers. Any breach of contract or responsibility beyond the agreement does not concern us. Fair Loans Foundation is also not obligated to offer any favors to the counterparty, intermediary bank and other third parties connected directly or indirectly to the customer. 

Fairloans Foundation will not take any responsibility for any loss or damage with respect to the misinterpreted or incorrect information processed by the customer and they will take full responsibility for their decisions.

If any loss arises then we are not to be held responsible nor should any expectation be kept forth including any compensation or change of company rules. We offer our services only the provisions specified and nothing beyond that neither to the customer, associate companies nor to any third party.

Virus & other cyber hacks: 

Customers are strictly advised against using our website and website links for any sort of malicious activity either knowingly or unknowingly. This implies to use of any viruses, Trojans, worms, logic bombs or other material which is malicious or technologically harmful bought forth by the customer using our website. Be warned that unauthorized access to our website and data servers is lawfully chargeable.  Any deniable-of-service attacks either distributed or alone will not be considered once proof has been discovered. 

By breaching above set norms, the customer violates the Computer Misuse Act 1990 and will have criminal charges levied. Any misuse of the website and customer unique names/codes will be reported and immediate action will be taken. If any customer is found using the website for unreasonable purpose, then their access will cease immediately. 

Fair Loans Foundation will not be held responsible for any loss or damage caused by the virus or any other technology harmful material from our website to your computer and related equipment, data, computer programs or any other material after using our website for downloading any information, data or material. 

Laws Applicable

The terms and conditions set forth by us on matters of any dispute or claims connected to our website, content, images or information including non-contractual claims are governed under the laws of the England and Wales or by the Scots Law if you were or are residing in Scotland during the time of agreement. 

According to the English and Scottish laws, if the customer is a resident of Scotland at the time of entering an agreement with fair loans foundation, they then have an exclusive jurisdiction to raise concerns and claims over any information in our website. We also retain the right to bring proceedings against customers who have breached the terms of agreement, irrespective of their country of residence. 


If ever we decide to make changes to the terms and charges of Fair loans foundation, we will declare so via posting the changes online. The responsibility to stay updated with the changes of company’s policy falls on the customers so do visit fair loans foundation website regularly. If you continue to use the services of our website (https://fairloansfoundation.com.au/) then it is an agreement in itself that you agree to the latest terms and conditions. Also, in addition to the latest changes in terms and conditions, there may be other provisions or changes that will be published on the website.

Governing Language: The language of communication between fair loans foundation and the customer is English. Any agreement or binding document between us will be drafted in English.